Everything You Need to Know About Your Dental Implants

Dental Care

Dental implants are a process of restoring defective or lost teeth. In this process implants, which are most of the time made up of titanium are used as root to hold the tooth. These implants resemble and function like your teeth and is fitted perfectly within the gum area. Most of the time dental implants are strong and not easily distinguishable from your natural teeth.

The implant is custom made in such a way that it looks natural among your natural teeth and is capable of holding more than one tooth, within the adjoining area perfectly. People who have experienced root canal failure, congenital deformities, tooth decay and bleeding gums due to wearing of teeth canal are ideal candidates for dental implants.

In Australia, there are two types of dental implants process available i.e fibrointegrated and osseointegrated implants. However, the most opted dental implants in Canberra is the osseointegrated implants.

Material of dental implants

There are majorly three parts of any dental implant. The first is the titanium which is rooted to the jawbone, then comes the abutment which is fitted just above the gums. The last part is the crown which gives the natural look to the artificial teeth. The lower part is most of the time made up of titanium because this metal does not react with the bodily system and is completely safe to get it infused within the jawline.

The crown is made up of resin which is ivory to whitish in colour. Some Australian doctors may also consider porcelain tooth if there are too much health complications but those type of teeth need timely check-up.

The various stages of dental implants

Prior to the beginning of the operation and implementation a detailed health planning is necessary. It helps in identification of structures related to the gum area like the sinus and the alveolar nerves which remain attached to the teeth. After careful examination, the dentist can also suggest orthopantomorgraphs to understand the bone structure of the teeth.

However, in certain sensitive cases a dentist may also recommend CT scan or 3D CAM. Before implanting, the teeth area along with the mucosa is drilled and then the implants are set as per correct angle measures. It is set in such a way that it helps in functioning of the adjoining teeth with ease.

Requirements of patients opting for dental implants

Apart from your teeth bone density, you need to have healthy gums and good amount of calcium which will serve as a base to your dental crown. Since these implants are just like regular teeth, all the mentioned criteria will allow the implant to be in sync with the gum. Moreover, a stronger bone structure will be a good fit in the long run. The health condition of the patient is also very important.

People who are having low oral hygiene and diabetics are discouraged for dental implant, until they have their blood sugar level in check. If not checked properly, it can cause life threatening conditions. Moreover, people who have osteoporosis will be kept under medical supervision for certain time period before carrying out the actual procedure.

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