Ketamine for depression


People use different names to refer to ketamine. The official names of this drug are ketaset and ketalar. However, the drug has several street names including Kit-Kat, Cat Valium, Vitamin K, Special K, and Lady K. No matter what you choose to call this substance, it is one of the most harmful drugs if you abuse it.

When you use ketamine on a long term basis, it can lead to brain damage and loss of memory. Ketamine can also damage your urinary track system. It can also harm the liver and kidney of the user irreversibly. Ketamine is a party drug and hence most of the users who abuse it don’t get to notice its real dangers.

The long term studies on this substance prove that it is a really harmful drug. Most of the people who use it in the long run end up having poor blood control. You may even find a user going to the bathroom for 15 minutes. In a research done in Hong Kong, 60 percent of ketamine users suffered depression, 31 percent were not able to concentrate while 23 percent had serious issues with memory.

ketamine for depression

In the past, the abuse of ketamine was not so prevalent. However, it is currently a regular fix at raves and clubs. According to statistics, the use of this drug is on the rise among the teenagers. As the popularity of the drug continues to increase, rehabs for ketamine are becoming more popular.

If you try to quit using this drug on your own, the results tend to be shot-lived. Even though this substance is not currently considers as physically adductive, it is truly adductive psychologically. The initial step in the recovery process is accepting to the fact that you have a problem. People who are close to the user should schedule an intervention to get the victim to the ketamine rehab.

In the rehab program, the user will experience both cognitive therapy and psychotherapy to lead to modifications in behavior. There isn’t a simple antinode for ketamine and the person has to come to terms and why he is using the drug and seek for changes in behavior.

The initial step in ketamine rehab program is detox. During the period, the users can experience a broad range of symptoms like insomnia, panic attacks, fears, and depression. As a result, it makes more sense for the abuser to be under the care of an experienced ketamine rehab staff during this hard period. For you to recover from the abuse of this drug effectively, you have to regain a sense of stability and balance in your life.

There are two different forms that ketamine takes. These include the mental and physical effects of ketamine. The effects of this drug are highly detrimental to the mental element of the user. The addiction of ketamine is quit detrimental to human health. Besides, the use of ketamine is both seductive and destructive. Users enjoy this drug for the same reasons that make it affect them negatively. However, medics use this drug for several positive uses like ketamine for depression.

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