Choose Your Orthopedic Surgeon Carefully


Just as you need to keep your heart, lungs, liver, and blood vessels working properly in order to enjoy a long life span, your bones are vitally important to keeping you in good working order. Your skeleton is the basis for your body, and if any portion of it doesn’t work, your whole body is affected. You probably have a general physician who keeps track of your health on an annual basis and can steer you to specialists when necessary. So too, should you also have a general team for your orthopedic needs. Each part of your skeleton will need specialized care, but since it’s all connected, having specialists in all branches of orthopedics under one roof streamlines your treatment, so consider your options carefully when searching for orthopedic surgeons in Joplin.

What Is Important

  • Look for a practice that offers head to toe state of the art techniques and equipment, even if you are only having problems in one area of your body. Developing a relationship with the doctors and staff is crucial to a successful outcome, and you want to work with a physician who is aware of all your orthopedic issues and who can keep little problems from becoming major issues.
  • You want to find a facility that treats the entire musculoskeletal system, including tendons, nerves, muscles, ligaments, joints, bones, neck, back, and spine.
  • The doctor should consult with you on your symptoms, diagnose the problem, and come up with an individualized course of treatment to correct the problem and eliminate pain.
  • Surgery should not be the first form of treatment. Topical treatments and physical therapy should be tried first. Only if there is no improvement should non-surgical or minimally invasive forms of treatment be suggested. The most challenging surgeries should only be a last resort measure.
  • The doctors and staff should work in unison to provide care and knowledge to both patients and their families, including any pre-surgery education.
  • The medical complex should offer all types of orthopedic treatments, including sports medicine, joint replacement, physical therapy, aquatic rehabilitation, and pain management.
  • The staff should offer compassionate care with a patient-first approach.
  • The physicians should be fellowship-trained and board certified, with a mission to restore your quality of life.
  • The practice and physicians should be the recipient of local and national achievement awards.

These are a few points to consider when choosing orthopedic surgeons in Joplin.

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