How Reusable Bags Can Save The Environment?


Looking at the harmful impact of plastic bags on the environment, people are now using eco-friendly organic bags. This initiative helps in lowering the negative impact of plastic bags that are created on the environment.

Custom Earth Promos is the best place for eco-friendly custom shopping bags. This company specializes in manufacturing reusable customized bags. These bags are made using recycled water bottles and a few other recycled materials.

Let us look at how reusable bags help in impacting the customers, and the business.

What type of psychological impact does eco-friendly bags create on buyers?

According to the analysis carried on by the use of reusable eco-friendly bags, it was found that environmentally conscious people who brought reusable bags were inclined to more environmentally friendly products at a grocery store.

They were keen to make more purchases of organic products. Putting it in other words, they’re intuitive to invest in environmentally safe products, and using them helped greatly in priming their mind or preparing them to buy more eco-friendly products.

Another thing was noticed in this research, that people who indulged in eco-friendly practice, felt licensed to buy more of such eco-friendly products.

The third thing that this research showed that people who have less environmentally conscious were less interested and keen on buying more eco-friendly items. Their psychological mechanism and behavior towards shopping were different than those who brought their own organic bags.

Lastly, the research also showed that the price was also the factor that impacted the purchase of organic items. If customers prioritize price, over the product quality, then even if they brought reusable bags, they were not willing to organic products that were a little pricey than the regular ones.

What is licensing with respect to the customer’s buying behavior at the store?

Licensing is an inner feeling when a person feels that he should reward himself from doing a noble job of conserving an environment. When customers bring their own organic bags at the grocery store, they felt that they have a license to make more rewarding actions by choosing more eco-friendly things.

How does the use of reusable bags benefit the store?

Grocery stores were benefitted with the environment-conscious outlook of people. When they were bringing their own eco-friendly bags at the store, they were inclined towards buying in for more organic products. In addition to it, customers also gave credit to the stores who kept a stock of organic products.

Another important business impact of the research was that customers who brought their own reusable bags are likely to purchase organic and indulgent products. It is a way to advertise environment-friendly products like farm-raised and organic foods.

Another important implication of the research was that customers who used their own reusable bags were primed to buy for things in their own environmentally friendly way.

The best that a store can do to make the most of their indulgence in eco-friendly shopping behavior was to provide little reminders of how virtuous they are to bring their bags. In addition to the different areas of the store, don’t forget the final push i.e., at the checkout counters. Keep organic products there too, so that they get tempted to buy them.


In short, the use of eco-friendly bags psychologically impact customer’s buying decisions, as well as benefit the store.

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