Why Is Laser Hair Removal the Best Permanent Solution?


Unwanted facial or body hair has always been an issue, especially for women. For some it is just inconvenience but for few others it is a confidence buster and some feel that having hair in their intimate parts is very unhygienic. Reasons being many, the laser hair removal treatment had been the one and only ‘go to’ solution for many people alike.

To understand why laser hair removal is the best, you need to first know how it is done. This knowledge will decide for yourself whether or not it is the best solution as claimed by many.

How laser hair treatment works?

The treatment is done by passing on the laser beams on the skin, that surpasses the epidermis layer of the skin and targets the hair follicles underneath. They interrupt the hair’s reproductive cycle thereby arresting or delaying hair growing again.

This doesn’t hurt the skin at all. This only destroys the hair follicle. The remainder of the hair shaft becomes weak and sheds itself.

Why to consider having a laser hair removal?

  1. More economical compared to all the other hair removal methods. Imagine all the money and time you spend on other methods of hair removal all your life. Doesn’t it all add up to a huge amount?
  2. Laser hair removal treatment doesn’t hurt the skin like a waxing.
  3. No skin irritation is caused in laser hair removal like in case of shaving.
  4. No issues of painful ingrown hair that occurs to some people when they use a razor to shave the hair away.
  5. Laser is the only way to treat inflammation, reddening or the dark bumps caused in the skin due to ingrown hair.
  6. Laser hair treatment gives aesthetically more appealing results.
  7. This is the most convenient hair removal method both while and after the treatment as it is painless, quick and no to low maintenance.
  8. Above everything, it is permanent! Yes, the laser hair removal improvement can last a life time if done with the right energy levels and by the right technician.

 Interesting facts you might not have known.

  • Some men get the laser hair removal done on their head. Wondering why? It is to deal better with their spotty scattered hair on their head caused due to sporadic balding.
  • Many people who are transcending gender consider laser hair removal treatment their best solution to remove all the unwanted hair from their chest and legs.
  • Some medications cause excessive unwanted hair growth. The laser hair removal is a simple solution for them.

 Mouda Laser & Skin Clinic, for instance lets you experience this treatment and the convenience in it. If you have any other question do not hesitate to contact them. You can visit the clinic by getting yourself an appointment right from their website.

Now that you know all the benefits of a laser hair removal treatment, do try it out and share your experience on the same. We would love to hear from you.

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