Key Qualities of a Foot and Ankle Orthopedic Surgeon


Musculoskeletal trauma can stem from various activities. Athletes aren’t the only ones who sustain these injuries.People also get hurt from simple things like mowing their lawn or vacuuming their living room. Depending on the severity of the case or the pain threshold of the person, you may have to seek medical help. There are conditions that can be addressed at home, but for those that can’t, you must consult an orthopedic surgeon right away.

Finding the best orthopedic care is easy with proper research.They need to have impeccable credentials and all the necessary licenses and certifications. But, there are also other professional and personal qualities they should possess. Continue reading to learn what these characteristics are.

Has Noteworthy Technical Skills

When the same doctor’s name comes up when asking several unrelated patients who their favorite is, you know that this person is good at what they do. Favorable testimonials, particularly after a major procedure,demonstratethe professional’sexcellent hand coordination and dexterity. All trips to the operating room come with a certain level of pain and discomfort. A surgeon with exceptional technical skills can minimize post-surgery trauma,which makes healing faster as well.

Personable and Caring

Medical expertise is a key quality that every doctor should possess. But, good be dside manners are equally important.Patients who feel that their surgeons genuinely care about them are more likely to follow postoperative instructions. They’ll also have a brighter outlook, which can help them recover quicker.


Traditional approaches to medicine are best applied to cookie-cutter cases. Sometimes, a patient will have specific needs that doctors have to work around. An accommodating orthopedicspecialist will be willing to personalize a treatment plan for their client. Their priority is always the wellness of the person requiring medical assistance.

Has Leadership Abilities

Surgeons who take charge ofthe operation need to react quickly to any unforeseen situations. The faster they can make the call, the further away from harm their patient is.This attitude ensures the safety of their clients throughout their procedure or treatment plan.

Never Gets Tired of Learning

The medical field is constantly evolving. A good orthopedic surgeon will keep learning about the latest equipment or surgical techniques they can apply to new cases.This gives clients access to up-to-date developments that further improve success rates and minimize post-procedure trauma.


An exceptional orthopedic surgeon won’t be afraid to tell their patients the truth about their condition. For their clientele’s safety, these professionals will always be blunt regarding the possible outcomes of any procedure.They’ll also give a realistic estimate of recovery. This allows the patient to better plan their schedules and put off activities that could aggravate their injury.

Remember these pointers when looking for a foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon in Atlanta. If a doctor possesses all these traits, there’s a high chance that your own procedure will turn out well.


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