How to Cope Up During COVID-19 Outbreak?


COVID-19 is perhaps an unprecedented pandemic of this century where people in all corners of the world have been affected.

Therefore, people in general are in highly stressed-up situation, as most of the government of the country is asking people to stay at home.

It seems that all our lives are on hold for indefinite period. Situation is now going from bad to worse, when you hear that number of people getting affected is constantly rising and also the rate of death.

So, how can we cope up from this situation? Here in this small writeup we are providing few guidelines, so that it will remove your stress and help you to go through these difficult days.

  • Avoid from the virus

Use surgical masks supplied by customer earth promos or any other masks made at home so that you can keep yourself protected from virus when you go for shopping, where social distancing is not possible.

  • Follow some routine

Since you have to spend all day at home without any work, it is necessary that you follow certain routine so that you can keep yourself busy with certain activities.

Our human mind is wired for certain habits and as per neuroscience, our brains can get little off-balance if suddenly your normal routine gets disturbed.

  • Get fresh air

There are lots of healing powers available in fresh air. So, try to go out by maintaining proper social distance and you will be amazed to see how you will be rejuvenated.

As the weather is getting warmer, open your windows where you may spend lots of time all day. Try to get as much fresh air as you can get.

You may also take all your conference calls and continue with your daily chatting with your friends from your balcony.

  • Limit your exposure

Avoid looking at the news section of the TV all day, which is full of distressing news about COVOD-19. This will further stress you up. However, you may spend little time to keep yourself updated with the latest news once in a while.

Rather focus yourself with certain entertainment sections available in various media.

  • Engage with your hobby

This is the right time to pursue your hobby for that you had no time available due to your busy schedule. You can play on your guitar or piano which was just collecting dust all these years.

Try to paint your wall which was getting faded for last few months. You can also keep yourself busy with crossword puzzles that you could not solve before.

  • Exercise regularly

Try to keep yourself physically fit by performing certain aerobic exercises, or yoga in order to keep yourself physically fit.

  • Fill with positivity in your mind

Eat healthy foods and fill your mind with positive thoughts. Read certain books on motivation and creativity. Do something that makes you smile.

  • Ask for help

In case, you need any kind of help from others then don’t hesitate to ask. You can seek advice from your friends who may be connected to you through social network.

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