Understanding CBD And Marijuana – How Similar and Different Are Both?


Despite the phenomenal popularity of CBD, some are still apprehensive about trying CBD for their aliments due to the stigma associated with it. They even may find it scary to use CBD products. Yes, CBD and marijuana are closely related but are very much different from each other.

People now feel more encouraged to try CBD:

Extensive research done on CBD has encouraged people to be open to use CBD. CBD is no longer a taboo subject among many. Its popularity isn’t limited only to the younger generation. Adults over 50 experience many ailments and are finding CBD beneficial. Though CBD is isolated from the cannabis plant, it doesn’t exhibit any mind-altering properties as in with weed.

Cannabis/ weed/ marijuana come from cannabis plant which has over 100 cannabinoids including CBD, THC, and CBC. Though CBD is isolated from the cannabis plant, it doesn’t exhibit any mind-altering properties and is used to treat conditions including pain, insomnia, stress, inflammation, epilepsy etc. Give CBD products a try and see how effective it turns out for you.

Purchase CBD online:

An easy way to get access to CBD infused products is online. Look for reliable CBD manufacturers. JustCBD store is one of the leading CBD manufacturers in the nation and feature the highest quality CBD goodies in the markets. They have a number of products in exciting flavors to choose from making it easy to find one you’ll like.

Different terms related to Cannabis:

  • CBD: Cannabidiol (CBD) is the compound found in cannabis plant and doesn’t give you a high. The chances of overdose are less and even if you overdose on CBD, you can expect only mild side effects.
  • THC: THC is the primary psychoactive component of cannabis and produces a sense of euphoria. THC shares similar medicinal benefits of CBD but comes with side effects.
  • Hemp: Hemp is a variety of cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3% THC. THC in low levels coupled with CBD is considered to be highly effective for treating a number of ailments when compared to using pure CBD. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the cultivation of hemp.

Marijuana VS CBD:

Both CBD and marijuana come from cannabis plants but if you understand the key differences between marijuana and CBD, you’ll have a better idea of why CBD is ruling the wellness market.

  • Chemical composition: CBD can be isolated from both hemp and marijuana but both these plants contain varied levels of THC. Marijuana can contain up to 30 % THC while hemp contains less than 0.3% THC.
  • Psychoactive property: Both react with the human brain differently. Marijuana contains high THC levels and binds with our brain’s cannabinoid receptors and result in an intoxicating effect while CBD can even mitigate the negative effects of THC on the brain.
  • Legal status: Both have different cultivation restrictions and legal status. Marijuana is a federally scheduled drug while CBD is federally legal in many states.

The laws regarding CBD are still hazy in many states despite its effectiveness. Read through your state laws and then purchase CBD online. Get rid of your ailments in a matter of minutes and go about your day feeling refreshed.

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