Do You Know How Much Our Society Suffers at The Hands of Drug Abuse?


Drug abuse always affects an individual’s life in some way. However, have you ever considered how much drug abuse affects and cost our society? Substance abuse costs the society a lot as it increases the healthcare cost, number of crimes, as well as affects the overall productivity rate of every addicted individual.

Besides, there are many other ways in which society suffers because of drug abuse, and this cannot be measured in terms of money. These costs include:

  • Increase in spread of HIV and Hepatitis C
  • Increase in number of deaths from overdose
  • Increase in number of domestic abuses, divorce, crime, unemployment, homelessness, etc.
  • Adverse effects on fetus

Impact of substance abuse on society

  1. Health and Healthcare Systems

Substance abuse leads to several health risks, and these risks increase with the quantity and frequency of drug use. Sadly, most of the individuals does not realize this until it’s too late. If you or your loved one is struggling with drug addiction, now is the time to go through an effective rehab directory like You will find everything you need to know about sobering up with them.

Some of the worst health outcomes of drug abuse are:

  • Mental and physical disorders
  • Psychosis
  • Death because of drug overdose
  • Suicides

Besides, most of the drug overdose deaths are unintentional and accidental. In fact, this risk of unintentional drug overdose death increases when illicit drugs are combined with alcohol. Now, we all know that this happens a lot.

As per The National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC), the U.S. spends above $11 billion in drug related healthcare costs. These costs include medical intervention like emergency services, inpatient drug treatment, and illicit drug prevention and treatment research.

  1. Workplace productivity

According to NDIC, substance abuse costs above $120 billion every year in lost productivity. This lost productivity is a result of –

  • less labor participation
  • hospitalization of laborers for treatment
  • participation of workers in inpatient treatment programs
  • premature death
  1. Crime rate

Drug abuse is well-known for increasing crime and violence rate. It especially increases violence involving gun and other weapons. Addicts usually commit crime in order to acquire money for drugs, and after committing a crime, they become more unstable.

It is observed that the drug related crime and violence rate in the U.S. fluctuates depending on the popularity and demand of a particular substance. For instance, in 80s and 90s drug related crime rate was pretty high as the crack cocaine was in demand in the market. However, in late 90s, the crime rate decreased as popularity of marijuana increased.

The NDIC evaluates that drug-related crime costs the U.S. above $61 billion annually. Also, it is confirmed by the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Program (ADAM II) that 63% to 83% of all arrestees have some sort of substance in their system when they are arrested.

It is almost impossible to measure how much our society suffers at the hands of drug abuse. Nevertheless, it is easy to understand that the damages are massive. So, if you think you are suffering because of drug abuse, it is time you check out right away.

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