Great Benefits of Bong Technology


Smoking dry herbs from a bong are believed to be healthier than using a vaporizer. What makes it a healthier choice? The main reason is that bong offers water filtration. Unlike smoking, there is no risk of inhaling tar or burnt ash. The ash gets entrapped in water and does not reach your mouth.

The potentially harmful toxins and carcinogens from marijuana herbs get inhaled with pipe smoking but using bong these get caught in the water. Water filtration even helps to cool the smoke before inhaling, which reduces the risk of throat irritation.

Advanced bong technology

Bong technology has advanced and you can look through an array of new stylish percolators on a head smoke shop like These can help you increase and improve your smoking sessions. A basic percolator creates big bubbles with a low surface area.

On the other hand, an advanced percolator creates plenty of small bubbles with a high surface area as well as better filtration and cooling feature. For more smooth rips, you can add an ash-catcher to the bong. It adds another layer of water filtration.

The ash gets trapped before entering the bong. Thus, the bong is kept clean and its functioning is optimum. Ice-catcher is another feature, which helps to cool the smoke even more and allowing you to enjoy more pleasant hits.

Benefits of bong technology

  • Throat hits are smooth without any irritation in the airways
  • The smoke you inhale has a pleasant temperature
  • Experienced smokers can inhale smoke as deeply as they can without coughing hits
  • Bong is easy to use
  • Keeping it clean is also not so hard. Its parts can be washed with normal dish soap.
  • Newcomer friendly

If you are new to bong technology and are still unsure of how to smoke a bong then here is a step by step guidance on how it is done.

Step by step guide to smoke with a bong

  • Fill the bong with water – The water level must be above the percolator or down-stem. New users can fill the bong with lots of water and suck as hard as they can. Water gets in your mouth spits the excess water and suck again. Repeat this until no water gets sucked in your mouth. You discovered the ideal water level!
  • Grind dry herbs – Course and fine ground herb [not powdered] will not clog the bowl. Use herb grinder and get a consistent grind.
  • Pack herbs in the bowl – The funnel-shaped that sits on the joint is the bowl that will hold the dry ground herbs. Pack the herbs firmly but not very tight because airflow can get cut out. Packing less is better because you can pack it again.
  • Ignite the herb in the bowl – Hold the bong and put your mouth on the mouthpiece. Seal the mouthpiece with your lips tightly. When you ignite the dry herbs continuously inhale. Stop lighting, when sufficient smoke is inhaled. After some seconds remove the bowl and inhale until the bong chamber clears out.

If you are concerned about buying glass bongs there are silicone bongs, which can be folded and packed in your bag without any worries about breaking it!

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