Things to Consider in Case Vaping CBD has no Effect on You


Often many of you after vaping a CBD product like a costly vaping pen may find that you are not getting the desired effects of CBD. There is no euphoria, no relief or feeling of calmness that you have read so much about.

Before you make a wrong opinion about the aceite vape (English meaning is vape-oil) or the vaping pen, you need to read this. Firstly, you must remember that CBD is new in the market and it is new approach for various treatments.

Therefore, you must be ready to do little experiment with the dosage that you have taken. The CBD does not work in the same manner with everyone with same dose.

Following are few of the reasons why CBD may not be very effective for you.

    1. Quality

The first thing that you can suspect is the CBD product quality that you are vaping. There are plenty of dubious items for CBD vape is circulating in the market.

Such kind of dubious product may contain harmful substances and also not the amount CBD as it claims.

    2. Concentration/strength

In a 30 ml vape juice bottle has CBD of 100 mg and you will get less than 1/10th of milligram in each puff which is an insignificant amount.

Ensure that, vape juice must be having minimum CBD of 1000 mg per bottle, or cartridge or pen must have more than 250 mg.

    3. Dosage

With any CBD supplement your dosage is very critical. Based upon your age, gender, size, weight and also body chemistry your dosage requirement may vary drastically as compared to any other people.

    4. Your reason for vaping CBD

What is your reason for vaping CBD? It can be for proper sleep, anxiety, pain, depression or inflammation and each issue will need different dose and different timing for getting relief. 

    5. Expectations

If you are already healthy and feeling good, then do not expect vaping CBD will make you euphoric. It will work with your own endocannabinoid system for giving you proper balance and not make you high.

    6. CBD isolate vs. full spectrum hemp 

If you are trying to vape CBD isolate and it does not seem to be doing anything, then you may consider trying full-spectrum or any broad-spectrum type of hemp extract.

    7. Time

The CBD effects for many people increase after repeated use for few weeks or sometime even months. So, continue with your vaping of CBD for minimum a month and see if it makes any changes.

    8. Individuality

The body chemistry of every individual is a bit different which becomes apparent when people will talk about their CBD experiences.

For few people there is an immediate result while others need to do experiment and tweaking before anything is noticeable.


If you are still feeling that vaping of CBD is really not working then perhaps your body is changing and improving that you may not be aware of.

You may change your products that you are using, or the dosage and also the time when you are trying to vape CBD. You may be a little away from various benefits that the hemp can offer.

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