Looking for Right Kind of CPAP Mask to Purchase? Here are Few Tips

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Getting accustomed to your CPAP therapy for proper treatment of sleep apnea can be quite challenging, particularly in the beginning. While ordering new equipment and also selecting your most suitable fitting CPAP mask type can often be very difficult.

Following questions can haunt you.

  • What will be the right size I need?
  • What in case I dislike the mask?
  • Which style of CPAP mask will work best?
  • How can I get my best fitting type CPAP mask?
  • Where to find proper CPAP fitting guide?

You must not assume that just by going to the doctor or your insurance company for your equipment, can offer you the chance to try out various masks. In order to get any new one with the help of insurance, you need to schedule and also chase with doctor and then repeat chasing with your DME etc.

If you want to buy return Insurance from the website CPAP.com, then you may try many different masks at once. You can also select the best available CPAP mask fitting as per your face size and shape for you.

Then you’d return your masks that you did not want to keep to get back your full refund. This is the best part, so far as Return Insurance is concerned. There are many masks that have also free Return Insurance.

Different types CPAP mask

There are many varieties of CPAP masks which you can consider for your treatment but here we will mention few of them in brief manner, so that it can help you for making proper selection of mask.

1. Full face masks

Full face CPAP mask will cover your mouth and nose. Also it is attached with properly fitted straps and headgears.

Since these masks will cover both your mouth and nose, it will allow air flow in the mouth when nose remains stuffy or blocked.

Such type of masks is ideal for people who are back sleepers. In case, you normally wear glasses, then you cannot wear this mask.

2. Nasal masks

Nasal CPAP mask can cover only your nose and will be attached with properly fitted headgears. It is quite comfortable option and hence popular too.

Available on many different sizes to fit all kinds faces and can be used with chinstrap meant for mouth breathers for minimizing leakage.

However, some people complain of irritation with these masks and may not suit those who suffer from any nasal congestion or other medical condition related to nose.

3. Pillow masks

Pillow CPAP mask is least invasive type since it rests at entrance of the nose and will seal in nostrils and provide direct airflow through your nasal passage.

They are also attached by using properly fitted headgear. You will have unrestricted movement while sleeping without causing any disruption to your therapy.

It may not be suitable for setting for high-pressure CPAP, since it may cause discomfort, nose bleeds and nasal dryness.

4. Travel masks

Travel mask must be lightweight, soft, and should come apart easily. Ensure that mask can be easily cleaned and compatible with travel CPAP machine.

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