Buying Rectangular Chandelier for Living Room to Enhance its Value


A room with a chandelier is always impressive. A chandelier always stands out and makes your guests take notice at the ceiling where it’s hung. This also makes your guests take a whole look to the room instead of just the part which is on eye level. Hence, the chandelier gives an aura of royalty, grace, and elegance.

Chandeliers have been in demand since the 18th Century. However, at that time only the royal people had the privilege of buying glass chandelier. The royal castles had various types of chandeliers hanging through the ceilings catching the eyes of every person. Even now, the handcrafted iron chandelier is considered the luxurious lighting option.

Now there are varieties of chandeliers available in the market and once the varieties of chandeliers increased, the price started going down which gave people options to choose from. Sofary is a modern lighting store situated in Seattle, Washington, USA. They help customers avoiding middlemen because of which the cost of any item increases. They have a vast range of chandeliers suitable for different rooms like rectangular chandelier dining room, Raindrop chandelier for the living room and stairs with high ceiling, flush mount chandeliers for bedrooms, etc. Check their online site to look at wide varieties in an affordable range.

In interior designing lighting has a major role. When you prepare a home, the first thing that comes in your mind is your living room because that is the first place that everyone sees. It has to be impressive because it will tell your guests about your taste and style. The living room is the most used place after the kitchen and is generally quite spacious. Therefore, it is fun to décor a living room.

It is best to décor your living rooms by keeping mind the type of lighting you’re using. These days’ rectangular chandeliers for huge living rooms have been in demand. There are various kinds of hanging fixtures, floor and table lamps, wall mount, flush mount modern lights. However, rectangular crystal chandeliers give an elegant and classy look. Still, while buying chandeliers keep these few things in mind –

  • First, you need to understand the kind of look and mood you want to set up in the living room. It helps in deciding the size of the chandelier. This decision helps in buying a reasonable chandelier.
  • If you’re planning to sell your house, then installing a beautiful chandelier also increases the value of your house. Adding photos of your house with chandelier in the background also adds grace and value to the property.
  • The size and shape of the crystal stand out boldly in the rectangular chandelier, therefore you’ll have to be specific with the type and size of glass or crystal-like Swarovsky or Czech.
  • Plain glass and prism shape crystal varies in the way they spread light in the room, therefore the pattern in which they are styled also matters.
  • Saving energy and electricity bill is also important therefore install LED lights that save money.

Just buying a chandelier is not everything there are other variable costs involved like installation, electricity, and maintenance. Therefore, choose wisely, so that it doesn’t become a burden after a few days.

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