Food that Will Keep Your Teeth Healthy

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Every person loves to keep their health always fit and fine. Similarly, individuals try every means to keep their oral health always good to enhance the strength and lifespan of the teeth. One such helper is food items that are quite beneficial to keep your teeth strong, clean and shiny. Orthodontics always suggests their patients to eat food that are sure to remove any oral health issues and prevent damage to teeth.

There is list of numerous nutritious food items that often need to be included in your diet to prevent any kind of oral health issues. The essential food for oral health is easily available thus no issue of searching additional supplements to keep your teeth superbly fit. You can find more about the food items clearly from online blog sites like Health and Beauty Mentor where many experienced dentists and nutritionists post valued information about foodstuff to eat for keeping teeth strong.

List of few food items that will help maintain your teeth:

  • Dairy food items – They are the best nutritious source to keep your teeth and gums in perfect health. They safeguard against tooth decay and prevent wearing off the teeth’s enamel. The prime nutrients present are calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and potassium. They have casein protein that combines with other minerals to keep teeth unharmed from acid attack. Cheese, yoghurt and milk needs to be included in your daily diet.
  • Seasonal and fresh Veggies and fruits – You can include high fibre vegetables like carrot, broccoli, sweet potato, pumpkins, celery and other leafy greens to keep enamel always shiny and strong. Apples and citrus fruits are best help to have Vitamin C in high content that prevents gum diseases and inflammation of gum. Strawberries are known as tooth whitener as it contains an acid known as Malic acid.
  • Less of sugary food – You need to avoid even sweet beverages that are sure to stay in your mouth for longer time and have adverse effect on the enamel and teeth. Sugary food can release harmful acid that decays teeth. Hence, it is best to eat less sticky chocolaty food items. However, chocolate having seventy percentage cocoa is good for teeth. The dark chocolate hardens the tooth enamel, thus there are less chances of teeth decay.
  • Tastier Fishes – You need to include fatty fish like salmon in your diet for gaining Vitamin D. A great help to prevent tooth decay and keep gums healthy. Vitamin D even helps to absorb calcium for keeping teeth strong.
  • Don’t forget to drink green or black tea – These beverages are the best help to kill bacteria. There won’t be any lurking microbes to spoil your teeth or gums. Thus, have them every day whenever possible.
  • Water an essential need – Saliva in mouth needs to be in the right consistency in mouth otherwise if it thickens, it creates bacterial acid that may activate tooth decay.

Good oral health means you are free from stress of any microbe infection that can affect your oral health. Hence, it is best to know more about healthy food to maintain your oral health.

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